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This is the first article of a hopefully long and fulfilling career of articles. But before I start off, I should probably explain why I made this and what I’m about.

About a week or so ago I paid about a hundred bucks for this blog. I haven’t done shit with it in that time. While the cost of having the freedom to write what you think without having ads you don’t want getting in the way may be priceless, I want my money’s worth out of this thing. So this is the first article of a hopefully long and fulfilling career of articles. But before I start off, I should probably explain why I made this and what I’m about.

First, why this is a thing. I started writing for Hot Time in Old Town in August of last year. In that time I’ve been able to grow my digital voice (or at least develop it) and really talk about the thing I love: Chicago Fire soccer. It continues to be an amazing opportunity and I continue to love every second of it. But just writing about the Fire gets a little repetitive and I kind of wrote myself into a corner with the template and format that I work off of over there, even though I was the one who made it for myself. I wanted to write about other things and get creative about it. The Fire may be the biggest thing that I love, but I also love music, I love comedy, and I’m really into economics for some strange reason. I like the idea of just sharing my opinion and sharing opinions with people, because that’s what opinions are for. You share them and you shape them, either adding your own to other people’s or taking some from some other people. But I’m getting too focused on that right now when that could be a story for another time. Main point here is that I wanted to give myself as much freedom as possible to write about whatever the hell I want to write about. So let’s get into what I plan to write about.

I’m an 18 year old community college student whose really only defining characteristic is my personality. I can blend into a crowd pretty well and I would be pretty forgettable if I never opened my mouth. Let’s just say I’m not a very attractive dude and leave it at that. But that personality though! I have at least a vague interest in almost everything. I call myself a singer-songwriter even though I’m just barely learning guitar, but I still do have an LP out if you want to check it out. I’m looking into writing comedy for possible stand-up, I like acting, I would love to write a screenplay. Basically I’d call myself an entertainer, as that’s really the only way to cover everything. I also like talking about it and analyzing it. Ever since I started writing music I found myself listening to music for certain ways to help my own writing, whether it’s wordplay or using certain imagery to convey a message. Once I started thinking about that stuff critically, I started looking at other things critically like film and TV. I would never call myself an expert on anything except maybe the recent history of the Chicago Fire, but I feel like I always have a different point of view on things than everyone else.

I think I’m also very good at talking around a subject without ever touching on it.


What’s that? That was a .gif (pronounced however you like). You should probably get used to them because they’re one of my main forms of communication.

Oh, you mean what was that? That was a tone shift. This stream of consciousness style is probably going to be more in line with how the rest of this blog will sound. There are going to be some parts where I’ll be very professional, possibly well-researched, and maybe even not swear as much. Then there will be the more common points where this entire thing will look like a fucking mess, but trust me it might be enjoyable.

So I think I covered things as well as I could. You guys know why this blog is here, what I’m about, and what to really expect from me writing-wise. Honestly, if you read what I write consistently, you’ll kinda get to know me and get used to how I do things. All there’s left to do is tease what the next article will be:

Unnecessary Over-Analysis (The first in a long series)


See you sometime in the near future.

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