Jiggly’s Draft Chat: Big Board V1.0

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It’d take way too long to explain why people are where they are, so I’ll just make a list. Take in mind, this has nothing to do with the teams at those spots in the draft nor does it take into account the Generation Adidas contracts and the effect of international slots. Just: Who’s the best (Fire).

  1. Tom Hillard-Arce, Defender, Stanford
  2. Jon Bakero, Forward, Wake Forest
  3. Alex Roldan, Midfielder, Seattle
  4. Chris Mueller, Forward, Wisconsin
  5. Joao Moutinho, Defender, Akron
  6. Danny Musovski, Forward, UNLV
  7. Ema Twumasi, Midfielder, Wake Forest
  8. Rafael Andrade Santos, Midfielder, VCU
  9. Chris Lema, Midfielder, Georgetown
  10. Tim Kubel, Defender, Louisville
  11. Gordon Wild, Forward, Maryland
  12. Francis Atuahene, Forward, Michigan
  13. Mason Toye, Forward, Indiana
  14. George Campbell, Defender, Maryland
  15. Oliver Shannon, Midfielder, Clemson
  16. Sam Gainford, Forward, Akron
  17. Albert Ruiz, Forward, FGCU
  18. Mo Adams, Midfielder, Syracuse
  19. Jon Gallagher, Forward, Notre Dame
  20. Brian Iloski, Midfielder, UCLA
  21. Eric Dick, Goalkeeper, Butler
  22. Tristan Blackmon, Defender, Pacific
  23. Arthur Bosua, Forward, Columbia
  24. Pau Belana, Midfielder, Akron
  25. Marcelo Acuna, Forward, Virginia Tech
  26. Drew Skundrich, Midfielder, Stanford
  27. Ben Ludgaard, Goalkeeper, Virginia Tech
  28. Markus Fjortoft, Defender, Duke
  29. Brian White, Midfield, Duke
  30. Afonso Pinheiro, Forward, Albany
  31. Lucas Stauffer, Defender, Creighton
  32. Ben White, Defender, Gonzaga
  33. Nate Schultz, Defender, Akron
  34. Will Bagrou, Forward, Mercer
  35. Jeff Caldwell, Goalkeeper, Virginia
  36. Mamadou Guirassy, Forward, New Jersey Tech
  37. Cory Brown, Defender, Xavier
  38. Ken Krolicki, Midfielder, Michigan St.
  39. Wyatt Omsberg, Defender, Dartmouth
  40. Andre Morrison, Defender, Hartford
  41. Mac Steeves, Forward, Providence
  42. Alan Winn, Forward, UNC Chapel Hill
  43. Giovanni Godoy, Forward, UC Irvine
  44. Ricky Lopez-Espin, Forward, Creighton
  45. Mohamed Thiaw, Forward, Louisville
  46. Jake Rozhansky, Midfielder, Maryland
  47. Leon Schwarzer, Midfielder, San Francisco
  48. Harry Cooksley, Midfielder, St. John’s
  49. Frantzdy Pierrot, Forward, Coastal Carolina
  50. Jason Wright, Forward, Clemson
  51. Paul Marie, Defender, Florida International
  52. Paul Christensen, Goalkeeper, Portland
  53. Niko DeVera, Defender, Akron
  54. Mark Segbers, Defender, Wisconsin
  55. Pablo Aguilar, Midfielder, Virginia
  56. Graham Smith, Midfielder, Denver
  57. Brandon Bye, Forward, Western Michigan
  58. Matias Pyysalo, Forward, UCF (The true 2017-18 NCAA Football Champions)
  59. Justin Fiddes, Defender, Washington
  60. AJ Paterson, Midfielder, Wright St.
  61. Pol Calvet Planellas, Defender, Pitt
  62. Jordan Jones, Forward, Oregon St.
  63. Carter Manley, Defender, Duke
  64. Michael Nelson, Goalkeeper, Southern Methodist
  65. Rafael Sanchez, Defender, St. Mary’s
  66. Manuel Cordeiro, Midfielder, Akron

3 thoughts on “Jiggly’s Draft Chat: Big Board V1.0”

  1. Really like your list and appreciate your draft coverage! Only gripe I have is with Mo Thiaw from Louisville. I think he’d be perfect for the Fire were he to fall to them in the first round, can be dynamic on the wings but also has the size and strength to play up top. I think he’d be very good as the back up striker after Niko and a really good option at RW opposite of Accam on the left. He’s my choice for the Fire if they don’t trade down or up based on his versatility, plus the fact that he’s exactly the type of person NRod has said he is looking for. Also seems they would have seen him while scouting DJ and when Louisville played the Fire in the friendly at TP last season.


    1. That’s true. I think I could’ve fine-tuned this list a bit more, but this is just preliminary. Expect it to be a bit more accurate after the first couple games of the Combine. I was just going off of stats and what I’ve heard of them for this list. 2.0 should give a much better view as to who are the better players in the draft.


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