Jiggly’s Draft Chat: Mock Draft V1.0

Here comes more Draft stuff. This time, it’s a mock draft.

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1. Los Angeles FC

Tom Hillard-Arce, Defender, Stanford

No surprise here. He’s the best player in a long time and helps Bob Bradley build up that spine some more. With Vela up top, Feilhaber in the middle of the pitch, and now Hillard-Arce in the back, I think we’ve got another Atlanta United situation here. Or should I say, a potential ’98 Fire situation. Has the potential to be a franchise player, as much as a defender can be a franchise player.

2. LA Galaxy

Alex Roldan, Midfielder, Seattle

Where I think the Galaxy really suffered was their inability to hold the midfield. Sure, they can pick up one of the GA forwards, but that doesn’t make sense for their situation. They’ve got Dos Santos and two young forwards (well, one not as young anymore). I think they take Roldan as a #10, which is something they drastically need to help out players like Alessandrini and Dos Santos.

3. DC United

Jon Bakero, Forward, Wake Forest

The MAC Hermann Trophy winner joins last year’s winner in Ian Harkes. I think that this would be a great move for the team to bring these two back together. If DC wants to improve they need to work with what they’ve got and if they want to help Harkes get more comfortable, bring in his old partner. And it’s especially better when that old partner is someone as decorated as Bakero.

4. Montreal Impact

Joao Moutinho, Defender, Akron

Montreal’s defense is kinda pitiful, so they should get a defender. Best defender available by far here is Moutinho, who’s also a GA player. This adds even more incentive for Montreal to pick him up because he’s not going against the cap. It’s a pretty simple pick.

5. Minnesota United

George Campbell, Defender, Maryland

5-1. 6-1. 5-2. 4-1. Yeah, Minnesota needs defenders.

6. Orlando City

Tim Kubel, Defender, Louisville

Orlando needs a nice attacking fullback. Kubel is a good one.

Et cetera, et cetera.

7. Montreal impact

Chris Mueller, Forward, Wisconsin

They already picked up a defender, so why not give them one of the best attackers in the draft. Simple, simple stuff.

8. New England Revolution

Oliver Shannon, Midfielder, Clemson

New England needs some help in the central midfield. I’ve also mentioned his leadership skills and I think that New England is also in need of that as well. Just a smart move.

9. New England Revolution

Lucas Stauffer, Defender, Creighton

They also need some extra help in the middle of the defense. Simple and smart.

10. Real Salt Lake

Francis Atuahene, Forward, Michigan

RSL should be looking at an attacking player, so of course they should go after a guy like Atuahene. GA contracts FTW!

11. FC Dallas

Ema Twumasi, Midfielder, Wake Forest

I really don’t know what went wrong with Dallas this season. So, best player available. GA, too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

12. San Jose Earthquakes

Danny Musovski, Forward, UNLV

Wondo is good, but he’s getting old. Very old. They need a new goalscorer. Musovski has 47 goals in 71 starts. They also don’t have a really good striker available, so this guy should help them out.

13. Sporting Kansas City

Mo Adams, Midfielder, Syracuse

Although the team likes the 4-2-3-1 formation, they’re a bit weak at the “2” part. I suggest Mo Adams, a GA player who was applauded for his ability to play at the holding midfield position. I think he’ll be very happy there.

14. Atlanta United

Rafael Andrade Santos, Midfielder, VCU

What do you get the girl who has everything? Atlanta has been doing almost everything right. Last year they took a flyer on a Combine stand-out, Julien Gressel, and he showed up big for them. I expect them to do something similar here, although this is pre-combine so I’ll just pop this Brazilian #10 here since he seems like the sort of player they’d get.

15. Chicago Fire

Albert Ruiz, Forward, FGCU

For the past few years, the Fire have taken curveballs at their pick and I think this year will be no different. Mostly, I expect them to deal around in the first round so this may not even be their pick. But if it is, I think N-Rod and Pauno might just take my suggestion of Albert Ruiz. Yes, it’s an international slot, but we might have a couple spots opening up. We are also in dire need of a backup striker. Basically any sort of depth on the attacking end, especially with De Leuuw out at the beginning of the season. Seriously, if this happens, I won’t question the process ever again (okay, maybe I will, but whatever; It’d be a good move). The last time they drafted someone I liked in the draft, he was a solid rock on the backline for almost the entire season.

16. New York Red Bulls

Brian Iloski, Midfielder, UCLA

The Red Bulls are kind of imploding, trading away their midfield captain two off-seasons in a row. They need to fill that space back up and I think they’ll find a good good scoring threat in him. I think he can find a spot on their line-up in a supportive role.

17. Vancouver Whitecaps

Ben Ludgaard, Goalkeeper, Virginia Tech

Why a goalkeeper? Why not? Honestly, I think that the Whitecaps take a chance with getting a first round GK, since I don’t really see any specific holes or any player that could really help them. So screw it, you can never have too many punters.

18. Sporting Kansas City

Gordon Wild, Forward, Maryland

How did this guy fall so far? This is what happens when you have a bad season. If he was given a GA a year earlier, I think he’s going Top 10. But now, there are doubts, such terrible doubts. KC just recently traded away Dom Dwyer. I think they need to find a new guy to take that spot on the tip of their spear and they might be the ones to take a chance on Wild.

19. New York City FC

Tristan Blackmon, Defender, Pacific

I think that Sean Johnson deserves a better defense behind him. Blackmon should help.

20. Houston Dynamo

Mason Toye, Forward, Indiana

Best player available. He’s a good striker. Also, a GA. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

21. Austin Columbus Crew

Ben White, Defender, Gonzaga

MOAR DEFENDERS!!!! Seriously, almost every team in the league is pretty set on the attacking end. It’s really the defense that needs help in MLS. The Crew are going to take the best defender available.

22. Seattle Sounders

Mark Segbers, Defender, Wisconsin

Take the best player available. If you can’t bring the Roldan brothers together, why not pick up a nice attacking fullback?

23. Toronto FC

Eric Dick, Goalkeeper, Butler

Similar questions as with Atlanta. How you can you improve this team further? Well, with Clint Irwin seemingly gone after the revelation that is Alex Bono, they might need a new backup GK. I like this guy and I think he is much better than the GK I said the Whitecaps would get.

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