Hi! My name is John. People call me Jiggly because I tell them too and they’re usually okay with it. There’s a story behind my name, but it’s actually not that interesting and your own imagination is usually more fun.

Currently, I’m a full time student at a community college and used to cover the Chicago Fire and Chicago Red Stars for SB Nation. But like any other human being I like a lot more things than just soccer. I also love music, other sports, economics, film, and honestly almost everything.

Although I haven’t really shown otherwise in this paragraph, I swear like a filthy fucking sailor. So that should be something to get used to here.

Really, I’m treating this blog as something of a journal or a diary. I always have something I really want to share, but I don’t really talk to many people and 140 characters are never enough (maybe 280, but Twitter didn’t choose me). Sometimes it’s going to be a very well-thought out and researched piece, other times it could be stream of consciousness bull shit. All that matters is that I’m able to share what I think.

I pride myself in being able to see multiple sides of a situation, which is why I try not to get into politics. I welcome opposing opinions, as long as they don’t hurt anybody. As I said, no politics.

Other than that… yeah, this is it. This is my blog and I’m gonna be as random as I feel like.